"Nikki is a really great and skilled teacher. No matter how many times you get it wrong, she never gets impatient with you. I really enjoy her lessons, she has a way of making it very simple to learn". - Megan-Intermediate class.

"You HAVE to try Nikki's Irish Dance classes... one lesson and you'll be hooked!! Nikki is a fantastic teacher and she is so warm and welcoming. The classes are great fun and great exercise. I would recommend Nikki's Irish Dance classes to anyone!" Jade-Intermediate class.

 Just wanted to say thank you to Nikki, my daughters (age 4 1/2 and 6) went to her dance class yesterday in Barnstaple, they both thoroughly enjoyed it and cant wait to go back next week, I would definitely recommend going - especially as the trial class is free!!- Parent

I loved my trial adult class last week - I love the music anyway and found Nikki explained the steps really well, it was relaxed with a nice bunch of people and I look forward to the next one! My 9 year old daughter enjoyed her class too. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Irish music, dancing and enjoys learning something new!- Naomi adult beginners class.

'Every class with Nikki is exciting, well thought out and sure to get your blood pumping. With thorough warm ups and stretching your safety is guaranteed. She is cheerful and enthusiastic without fail, making her love for Irish dance infectious!-Louise Intermediate class.

`Nikki is a passionate and talented teacher. She has a genuine love of Irish dancing and ensures she teaches her students the best technique and performance. You must give it a try as by going once, its all Nikki needs to get you hooked you will really enjoy the music and routines as well as the social and physical benefits the group will bring`- Parent

"On our arrival to the Irish dance class we felt very welcomed.  My daughter enjoyed the lesson immensley and felt that Nikki the teacher was very friendly ,kind, and motivated the students well. I am pleased that my daughter wants to return to continue with learning this new dance and that she seemed to find it fun and a rewarding experience. I hope that more older girls will join and that classes could be split into age ranges also once there are more students. Overall I am very happy and pleased so far, definately a lovely place to be on a monday evening ! "- Parent
 "I consider you to be a very competent teacher where you make a great effort to make the classes relaxing ,enjoyable and fun to be in, after a long weeks' work I find it uplifting and fun while learning to dance at the age of 50, your teaching methods are informative and professional at all times keeping us all involved in the great fun of Irish dancing. I think it just great that you provide such a talent and service on my doorstep and make the art of dancing look so easy, you got me hooked, heres' to the walls of Limerick. I think anyone who would like to get out there and get fit, learn to dance, laugh and be happy while doing so come along it's good". - Mike adult beginner class

"My four year old daughter recently joined Nikki"s Irish Dance class.  She loves the hour long lesson which Nikki makes fun and interesting for the children as they begin to learn the art of Irish dance.  Nikki"s has a warm and friendly personality which connects well with the kids.All in all a highly recommended class for kids of all ages". - Parent

" I love Nikkis dance classes, she makes the steps really easy to understand and has masses of patience, for every ability.  The classes are really friendly and fun and cant wait till my little girl is old enough to go. What I really love it that the classes are not age limiting you can be 18 or 80.  Thanks Nikki for putting on such lovely classes ". - Michaela adult beginners class

"I love learning to dance with Nikki, she makes you feel completely at ease and its a great laugh. Nikki is a lovely teache, she is so encouraging and I pleasure to dance with. I look forward to getting even better " - Gracie adult beginners class

"Just wanted to let you know how very pleased we were to find you locally. My daughter Freya had wanted to do Irish Dancing since I took her to a show a couple of years ago. Your enthusiastic approach to teaching the dance has absorbed my daughter quickly into learning her steps and enhancing her fitness. The fun and friendly way you teach engages my daughter and I have watched her gain in confidence at each lesson. I find myself foot-tapping to the music and enjoy watching the lesson. It's a pleasure for all. Wishing you all the very best with Nikki's Irish Dance" - Parent

"Nikki's Irish Dance classes are fun, energetic and great for fitness and entertainment. I started the classes 2 months ago and have fallen in love with it. As a dance teacher, Nikki is patient, encouraging and very talented. If you are unsure whether to give it a go, don't hesitate. Try it out, you won't regret it!" - Stacey adult beginners class

"I'm only a beginner but i can see myself coming to Nikki's class for years for as long as my knees can cope. Nikki's a great teacher, hard-working, passionate, very observant with her students and she let us have a laugh! I enrolled in the class to keep fit but nikki's techniques to help us learn is making me enjoy my sessions even more". - Laura adult beginners class

 I cannot recommend Nikki Irish classes enough. Nikki is a great dancer and teacher, and is always so excited and enthusiastic at every class. I have been dancing for about 3 months now and have learnt loads, plus it's a great workout! Can't wait to progress further and learn more new steps! - Vicky adult beginners class

Nikki's lessons really get you working whilst remaining enjoyable at the same time! You learn something new every week and everyone is so friendly.  Nikki is an excellent teacher who is always willing to help and improve! - Jamilah adult beginner class


U are a cracking teacher, they get a biology lesson thrown in! Calf muscle , quads... Stretching is soooo important and warming down, so relevant to my work so, so glad when it is taught at such a young and influential age xx - Michaela (works as a podiatrist).

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